Quick summary

  • Added the ability to configure scoring rules on a per-block basis. This overrides the phase-wide configuration, if also present on the phase.
  • The Live dashboard has been overhauled for any attempt-based scoring (e.g. a tRAT) and gives more relevant statistics such as “correct on first attempt”.
  • Added a new deploy wizard with the intent to streamline both: 1) creating a new Teach space based on your Design space content, and 2) updating an existing Teach space based on changes you have in your Design space.
  • Added the experiences system, which are initially used to capture relevant learner data to inform the new “time to complete” and “sessions” reports.

What’s new in this release?

Per-block or block-level scoring

You can now optionally configure scoring on each, individual block within a phase. You can choose whether blocks in the system inherit the phase-wide scoring, or have block-specific scoring.

To use block-level scoring, simply click on the desired block and look to the right navigation menu to “Add block-specific scoring”.

Block-Level Scoring

Scoring icons now also appear in the header for each block that is scored.

image = Scored at phase level
image = Scored at block level

Live dashboard summary screen

A number of user experience updates have been made on the Live dashboard - particularly on the Summary tab where you see student data and analytics.

  1. Attempt-based data
    When scoring is configured to attempt-based, the analytic dashboard now shows all selections made by individuals and/or teams. Additionally, data metrics now reflect first attempt correctness to give educators an idea of how students are performing.


  2. Data readability
    All tables and student data responses have been visually updated for better overall readability. Adjustments such as spacing, line coloring and more have been introduced to maximize the ease of inspecting Live teaching data.

Space deployment wizard

When deploying your Design space into a Teach space, you will now enter a deployment wizard. The wizard will walk you step-by-step through creating a new Teach space, or updating an existing one.


Experiences system

We have introduced the “Experiences” system that will allows u to capture, log, and report on student learning experiences as they are working through Allele. It is inspired by the Experience API or xAPI standard.

Two additional reports have been introduced in this update leveraging the Experiences system.

  1. Time to Complete report
    This report gives you insight into how much time your students are spending on each phase in your learning exercises.

  2. Sessions report
    This report gives you a more detailed look on student access data for each of your phases.

Please note that these reports will contain missing data for any cases accessed before and after the deployment window of December 26, 2023