How to use this site

Welcome to Allele’s resources and documentation page. Here, you will find helpful information about the system, tips & tricks, and ways to gain access to accessibility and security documentation, Allele support, and more.

On the left navigation, you’ll see a few categories.

  • Changelogs: Informative updates on feature releases, bug fixes, and other changes to the Allele system.
  • Explanations: Articles written to help bring clarity, light, and context to major Allele concepts.
  • How-tos: Shorter documentation describing how to perform a specific function within Allele. These are written from the perspective of the user.
  • Reference: Quick, conceptual information describing a specific concept within Allele.
  • Security & accessibility: Information on Allele’s accessibility and information security stance, as well as contact information to request additional documentation

If you’re interested, Allele follows the Diataxis documentation framework to best articulate the platform to users of the system.

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