What is it?

The observations phase setting allows course authors to configure how students can interact with observations in that phase.

Why is it important?

Observations are a key component of peer review and clinical reasoning cases, and can also be used in other team-based cases.


  • Show per-question observations
    • This will allow students to leave comments tied to a specific question within the phase when they click the “quote bubble” icon at the top right of a block within a phase. This works well with peer review, where students can leave comments linked to a specific question.
    • By default, this setting is enabled
  • Selected text type
    • When a student selects or highlights text within a phase’s content, it will automatically be added as an observation to the observation list with the type chosen in this setting. This is typically used for clinical reasoning cases, where if you have a phase that consists of patient history and physical examination results, you may want student observations to be of type “History”, or for a phase consisting of laboratory data, you may want student observations to be of type “Data”.
    • By default, this setting is disabled, meaning that an observation will not be created when students select or highlight text within the phase