A diagnostic path block can be used in conjunction with a carry-forward block to make a special type of diagnostic path called an expert path. An expert path offers a side-by-side comparison of a student’s completed diagnostic path from a prior phase with an expert’s diagnostic path. To configure an expert path, you must build the path as a student or in preview mode and then import it into your diagnostic path block in the builder. We’ll use preview mode in this example.


  1. At least one phase with a diagnostic path block
  2. A later phase in the same case with a carry-forward block


  1. Navigate to the first phase in your case and click the “Builder” button
  2. Click the “Preview” button at the top
  3. In preview mode, complete the case and create observations along the way by:
    • Selecting text within a phase, like patient history, examination findings, etc.
      • Creating observations via selecting text must be configured in the phase settings
    • Completing lab abnormality blocks
    • Opening the observation list and creating observations
      • Note that observations created this way will be of type “Observation”
    • Note: Observations persist from each previous phase
  4. Continue through the case, still in preview mode, until you arrive on the phase with the diagnostic path block
  5. Complete the diagnostic path
  6. When finished, click the “Export as JSON” button to copy the exported path data to clipboard
  7. Exit Preview mode
  8. Navigate back to the diagnostic path phase, click the “Import Expert Path as JSON” button on the diagnostic path in the builder, and paste your expert data into the text field
  9. Navigate to the phase with the carry-forward block
  10. Link the carry-forward to the diagnostic path