What is it?

  • Phase are the smaller subsections which make up a Case
  • A Phase is composed of any number of informational or input Blocks, which are added in the builder.
  • By default, Allele provides a collection of Blocks such as multiple-choice question, short & long form text, embeddable tables and more.

Did You Know?

  • If we use a book as an illustrative example:
    • a Space would be the book itself
    • a Case would be a chapter in the book
    • a Phase would be a page within a chapter

Why is it important?

  • Phases in Allele are important because this is where the students will be primarily interacting with the learning content generated or in use by the educator.


Here’s what it may look like if you were a veterinary educator teaching Vet Med 101:

  • Space: Vet Med 101
    • Case: Overview of Veterinary Medicine Discipline
    • Case: Careers in Veterinary Medicine
      • Phase: Understanding Careers in Vet Med
      • Phase: Understanding Requirements for Professional Accreditation
      • Phase: Understanding International Regulations
      • Phase: Applying for Jobs
    • Case: Basic Animal Anatomy
    • Case: Veterinary Clinical Skills

Key elements or actions