What is it?

An evaluation block is a phase authoring component that allows the creator to add an evaluation where students assess their teammates in both quantitative and qualitative ways to give anonymous feedback.


An evaluation block consists of a number of quantitative and qualitative fields.

  • A quantitative field allows for a numerical rating to be assigned using a slider to choose a value in a range.
    • To add a quantitative field, click the “Plus-Slider” icon button at the bottom of your screen.
  • A qualitative field allows for subjective feedback using a free text input.
    • To add a qualitative field, click the “Plus-Quote” icon button at the bottom of your screen.

Evaluation methods

Allele supports two methods of evaluation as a configurable block setting:

  • Balance points, similar to Michaelsen’s method, is a method of evaluation where students are given a pool of points to spend in balancing the comparative contribution of each of their team members. With traditional Michaelsen’s method, students are also not able to give two team members the same score, but this can be optionally changed with the Differentiate Points Evaluation block setting. Balance points only allows one quantitative field per evaluation.
    • For example, with a team of students A, B, C, and D in a balance points evaluation with 10 points per member, each student would have 30 points to spend in assessing the other team members. Student A might give B, C, and D 15, 5, and 10 respectively, while student B might be A, C, and D 11, 10, 9 respectively.
  • Categories, in contrast, allows for any number of quantitative fields (categories), and students are able to assess their team members on a sliding scale for each category, like participation, listening, reliability, etc.


Self-assessment is an Evaluation block setting that requires the student also evaluate themselves in addition to their teammates. The self-evaluation is not included in the average score calculation for results or scoring.

Did you know?

Peer evaluations in Allele are designed to be taken individually. Once you add an evaluation block to a phase, the teams phase setting becomes locked to “individual”.