Accommodations are how you give early access, extend due dates, or otherwise change the release/due dates for an individual student in Allele. Commonly, this can crop up around disability resource requirements where certain students are granted early access to learning content.

When creating an accommodation, you’ll need to know:

  • The student you are creating it for.
  • What phase the accommodation will be for the selected student.
  • The release date you’d like to set.
  • The due date you’d like to set.

Once created, that student will now have access to the phase based on the release and due date set you selected. This date range will now override the class-wide release and due dates for the student that was set up at the case level.

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Passcodes allow you to grant accommodations based on a code. This was designed to help streamline in-person and synchronous scenarios where accommodations are given based on attendance or being in class. Passcodes can also be used in asynchronous scenarios to gate or grant access to phases based on providing a code (password) to your students.

When creating an passcode, you’ll need to know:

  • A code (password) that you would make available to your students. A simple, 4 character one is automatically provided for simplicity.
  • The release date and due date that you’d like to grant as an accommodation for anyone who redeems the code.

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